Vendor Managed Inventory

Let Stag Manage Your Inventory When Space is Tight

Managing inventory can be challenging for some businesses, so Stag is ready to assist with our customized vendor-managed inventory (VMI) services. From our Phoenix Metro and Atlanta Metro locations, we can manage your inventory through customer web portals, and provide periodic inventory checks and reports. If you can’t manage it, we can.

CASE STUDY: Restrictions Apply


In 2014, the Department of Defense, working with a prime contractor in Arizona, needed help cutting down on wasteful spending, production costs, expedited shipped costs, lead times, and free up warehouse space.


After discussing the government’s requirements and limitations due to restricted access to the site, Stag developed a plan to monitor the stock levels remotely and ship materials from the Stag warehouse when needed. To ensure the success of the program, Stag employees with clearance were authorized do a physical inventory each quarter to ensure accuracy. The program has met the government’s expectations and continues to provide savings and accountability for the government and the prime contractor.

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