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All of your customers — from commercial giants to military, government and aerospace leaders — want their orders delivered in packages that meet their specific requirements and specifications. They have millions of tiny pieces but they need to be distributed 10,000 at a time. They have 55-gallon drums that need to be shared in quart bottles. It’s never easy. At Stag, we’re here to help tailor your products to fit their needs.

CASE STUDY: An Elegant Solution. Literally.


In 2017, a major airline sought to cut costs on purchase, repackaging and distribution of a large order for vinegar to be used as a cleaning agent in the airline’s facilities.


To get the best possible price and delivery, Stag Enterprise, Inc. purchased the vinegar in 55-gallon drums and converted the contents into one-gallon containers for use by the airline staff. The plan provided significant cost and time savings for the airline, and eliminated the need to reduce container sizes once they reached the company’s facilities.

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