Covid-19 Statement

The global coronavirus outbreak is slowing global commerce, and we are still assessing the full business impact this may have on Stag Enterprise, Inc. (Stag) and our customers.

We are monitoring the situation closely and are taking appropriate steps to safeguard our employees and meet customer needs.

Our supply chain continuation is a priority for us. We are regularly communicating with vendors and transportation partners to ensure timely receipt and release of product. We are doing all we can to provide stability in our work environment and continue our business processes, however at this time we are also moving forward with an abundance of caution and a strong sense of responsibility to our customers.

As of March 15, 2020, we have not recorded any significant disruptions of our vendor supply chain, and shipments to our customers are moving, but we ask that you exercise patience as we may experience longer lead times for orders in various regions. Customers should place new orders promptly. Please note that some products may not be ordered far in advance due to shelf life requirements. Additionally, the following products are in great demand and may not be readily available: N95 Rated Masks & Hand Sanitizer. We still have normal lead times on disinfectant and toilet tissue.

Please ask your Stag sales rep for information specific to your needs. The situation is fluid and if we are informed of delays, we will pass that information along to our customers as soon as possible.

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